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All Hands In

Join the HiGHV Collective (tHC)


Members of the HiGHV are independent practitioners/businesses whose areas of expertise may include, but are not limited to, licensed massage therapists and bodyworkers, energy healing and  intuitive arts therapists, yoga teachers, herbalists, birth and death doulas, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, mental health therapists, personal trainers, and so far beyond that we can't list all of the possibilities here. Additionally, members believe in, and support, the HiGHV's mission and vision. Members must:

• be searchable

• be actively practicing at a non-residential location OR practice at the HiGHV

• subscribe to either a monthly membership donation

 of $29, or an annual donation of $300 (donations are tax deductible)


Submit an application, then submit your first monthly or annual membership donation. If we discover that your application is not approved, we will refund your donation. 


tHC Member


+ featured on

+ listed on booking platform

promoted at events

included in exclusive and community events (on and off site)

included in our referral network

+ special rates on HighVibe Healing ArtAcademy's studio for classes and other group events

• When space is available, members in need of a place to serve paying clients can reserve a treatment room or other appointment space at the HiGHV on a first come, first served basis. Rates:

$25 per 1-60 min session

+ $35 per 61-90 min session

$45 per 91-120 min session

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